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DJ - Oso City

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Host - Zurisha

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Check out the musicians who will be performing live at Fame Miami. 
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Mac Gudda

 Mac Gudda was Born in Denver, Colorado & at the age of 8, Mac Gudda moved to Anchorage, Alaska to be raised by his father. Alcohol and drugs became a factor in his family and he turned to the streets and music as an outlet. He listened to music he could relate to and songs that made him happy when he was down. Currently Mac Gudda is booking shows in and out of state. He is currently developing his biggest project yet, to be released 2020. 

Visit MacGudda.com for more info!

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Born in the heart of Motown and residing in the sunny city of Denver, Symphonic is not your run of the mill rap artist. Openly gay and as braggadocious as ever, Symphonic is the definition of “glam trap”, a mixture of lyrical flamboyance, individual freedom and hard-hitting instrumentals.  Unsigned and completely independent, Symphonic is here to broaden the spectrum of hip-hop and challenge the culture as we know it.

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Ari Skies

Ari Skies is an independent singer-songwriter. When she creates music, she aims to capture vibes that people can feel and connect with. Creating is her passion and she enjoys sharing that passion with others. She is grateful for all of the beautiful souls around her while she is on this journey we call life. 

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Recently one rapper who is all set to offer a mixed style in his compositions has taken the music zone with a storm. He is none other than the Miami based artist LEGAXY. He is the trending name in SoundCloud and other major music streaming platforms with the singles.

LEGAXY is setting goals for the other artists with his mastery in the R&B and Hiphop genre. He has been born, raised and travelled in different places in the States and his music styles greatly reflect the mixed culture.

LEGAXY is born in Florida and for this, his compositions feature southern rap elements while he is raised in Brooklyn that makes him pro with the east-cost hip hop styles. LEGAXY’s SoundCloud music gallery portrays his skills in different styles of hip hop and R&B music. Recently, his tracks are gaining huge popularity and if you have not heard any of the singles, you are indeed missing out something big.

LEGAXY has worked with big names one of which is FAT JOE for whom he has written a song for the album ‘Plata o Ploma‘. When it comes to his rap-singing skills he is a step ahead from every other rapper in terms of synchronization and rhythmic sense

LEGAXY is very active in social media like Instagram. You can follow him on Instagram @iamlegaxy ,Youtube and Twitter stay in touch and wait for what’s coming next.

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Lady Karagan

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She's swaggy, talented & full of life. Catch her perform her spoken word live at Fame Miami

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Jasz Official

Since dropping his first project the “ Autorhymeography” and signing to Slum Dogg Music Group in 2013, Jasz Official has released numerous hit singles, including "Rambo" which charted 189th on the Upcoming 200.

Tracks like “ZiPPER” “Feel Me” Thinking Bout LA” and many more are on constant rotation on radio stations such as WKNH 91.3, WRNC 97.5 98.1 FM and many more. Articles on Xtrawave, Tune Loud, the Equinox, and Mass Apparel describe the type of artist that Jasz Official is and what he’s aiming to do in the future.

 After going to the Grammy’s in LA as well as the Latin Grammy’s in Las Vegas; Jasz Official has been all over performing at least 3 times a month. Some of these venues and locations include; SXSW, Miami Live, Royale Boston, Providence Festival, Worcester Palladium, Connecticut, as well as various other clubs in Boston. 

Since appearing on LCTV earlier this year Jasz Official continues to represent for MA and push the culture forward- putting out bangers with meaningful lyrics.


Website: www.slumdoggmusic.com

Facebook: Jaszofficial  

Instagram: @Jaszofficial

Twitter: @Jasz_official 

MC Live

Also known as Marcus. Check out his newest video!

McLive I Put That On Mommz Official Music Video (Directed by DayDream Visuals)

Follow him on Instagram @WhosMarcus

Bri Janét

Born into a legacy of music, Bri Janét is an American singer and songwriter paving her way to the top. 

Since the age of 5 she has been singing and captivating every audience with her soulful vibe. 

Growing up in New York and New Jersey Bri has been exposed to multiple genres of music from singing in church to performing in arenas. 

She is Determined to create a new legacy for R&B and raise the standard.

Check out her music below!


Instagram @Bri_Janét

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Bless da Kid


Ray Louis

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Dajé is a singer and songwriter based out of Miami, FL. 

She’s been singing since the young age of 4, and has been performing ever since. 

As a Haitian-American, influenced by different genres of music, her versatile sound will always keep you entertained.

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Route 5

Route 5, including Jeffrey Lefevre (Free), Jerry Lefevre (JB), Debson Dudre Mompremier (Debs), Nickson J. Mompremier (Pres or President), Jason Mompremier (Killa) are on a mission to bring the harmony and sexiness of boy bands back to R&B.

The Mompremier brothers and Lefevre brothers had their own separate groups. The Mompremiers saw JB performing solo and asked him to join their group, then JB brought his bother Free along. And that’s when we started performing together.

Check out their interview with Rolling out here!

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Bad Ass Keema

Upcoming female rapper & Actress

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Check out the vendors who will be selling products at Fame Miami!


Loud House Miami

Loud House Miami will be providing Hookah's for the event. They will also be providing fun smoking products.

Find the brand on Instagram


Frost Daiquiri Bar

The Frost Daiquiri Bar will be providing fun daiquiris and food for the event. 

Find them online and on Instagram



A Cupp of Cake

A Cupp of Cake will be providing lots of fun deserts to satisfy your needs!

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London B Styles

London B is a fashion guru & stylist!

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The Aidenticalz, Atelah & Zeylah are twins who dance professional and do choreography.

Catch them performing live at Fame Miami. This will be a performance you won't want to miss!

Find the sisters on Instagram @Aidenticalz 


Check out the different artist that will be showcasing their work at Fame Miami


Artist & Activist

Find some artwork at InkdGallery.com

Find the artist on Instagram @Inkd_ 

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L Camero Art

Find her and her art below:


Instagram @LCameroArt

R Ford

Find her and her art below:


Instagram @R_Ford or @R_FordVisuals


Ambitious Images

Find her and her art below:

Instagram @Ambitious.Images

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Artist & Activist

Find some artwork on the website 

Find the artist on Instagram @Avitalart



Sanai Cosmetics

Sanai Cosmetics produces vegan, cruelty free products. 

Sanai Cosmetics is a makeup brand that allows any race, gender, and age to feel comfortable and beautiful wearing the products. 

Sanai Molina has been waiting such a long time to launch because she wanted everything to be perfect just for her customers.

She has been in the beauty industry for over 3 years now doing makeup & is excited to share her custom lashes.

Visit SanaiCosmetics.com to shop products or book a hair or make-up appointment. 

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